Connect Groups

Connect Groups | Begin September 25

Our mission is three fold: to live by worshiping God, love by connecting with others, and lead by serving. Why is it important to connect with other people?  Because connecting with people opens the door to connect with God on a deeper level.  Friendships can be an encouragement to anyone, especially when a friend has gone through a situation that someone else hasn’t and can help a person choose the right steps for a journey ahead.  Or, maybe you are that friend who can help someone else– if you connect with them.

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Three times a year

At Crossroads, our Connect Groups are seasonal and last 6-10 weeks depending on the study.   This gives each person a break after a study, plus a chance to tryout a new group when the next round begins.  We typically have three Connect Group sessions each year: in Spring, Summer, and Fall.   All Connect Groups start together (after the sign-up date).  There are typically announcements made for several weeks at church, online, and social media when the sign-ups begin, upon which this page ( becomes a sign-up form.

There are different groups for all types of people, and each are in different areas of the tristate.  Depending on the season, there is a group for you!  Ladies, men, couples, & young adults.

We’re looking forward to the next round of Connect Groups!